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Distributeur grossiste de jeux, puzzles, jouets, bricolages et bons moments !
Distributeur grossiste de jeux, puzzles, jouets, bricolages et bons moments !

CA Secret Diary Kit: Unicorn Stroll

UGC CA-61183

Entreprise : Craft Buddy

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Crystal Art Secret Diary Kit: "Unicorn Stroll," a magical journey through a forest of dreams where the majestic white unicorn reigns supreme. Unveil the secret diary and step into a world of wonder and whimsy, where every page is a portal to a realm of enchantment and adventure.

With its lock and key, our Secret Diary Kit offers a safe place to record your thoughts, dreams, and secrets, allowing you to preserve your most precious memories in a journal that's as beautiful as it is functional. Whether used as a personal diary or a creative outlet for writing and drawing, the "Unicorn Stroll" diary is sure to inspire creativity and imagination in all who use it. Imagine keeping a secret diary with a beautiful crystal art design and writing about your day in it. Each diary includes 48 lined pages and is 6.1" x 8.5"

The Crystal Art Secret Diaries is calming and therapeutic and is appropriate for both adults and kids (ages 7+) and approximately 2 to 3 hours to completion. The outcome is a gorgeous work of crystal art.

Each Crystal Art Diary Kit includes:

Locking diary and key
Pre-sorted bags of crystals
Pick-up pen
Jelly wax

Âges : Ages 7+
Type d'artisanat :

  • Crystal Art Secret Diary Kit
  • Jeweling


  • Available Canada
  • Available USA

Numéro d'article : CA-61183
EAN : 5056588611836
Dimensions de l'article : 12.625 x 1.625 x 10.25
Poids de l'article : 1.15
Origine : China


Pack de caisse : mix 10
Dimensions de la caisse (po) : 16.625 x 11.25 x 25.15
Poids de la caisse (lb) : 25.15

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