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Distributeur grossiste de jeux, puzzles, jouets, bricolages et bons moments !
Distributeur grossiste de jeux, puzzles, jouets, bricolages et bons moments !

Pick Two (tin)

UGC 11010

Entreprise : Outset

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A word game for word fanatics!

When it comes to the PickTwo game, you'll want to get ready to write home - with your tiles anyway. Players draw letter tiles, building their own personal crosswords as fast as possible. As soon as one uses all their tiles, yell "Pick Two" and other players must add two more tiles to their pile. Got a new letter that doesn't fit your crossword? No problem! Just re-arrange your crossword at any time. Each tile has points, so do your best to use up all your high numbered tiles because if you're left with them at the end - the count against you! The winner of the round is the one who uses all the tiles in their crossword and there are no more tiles in the draw pile. All other players count up the points for their unused tiles, which is tallied after five rounds of play. The player with the lowest score after five rounds is the winner for the game. Are you ready to PickTwo?

Contents: 180 letter tiles, 1 score pad and 1 pencil
Click to download PickTwo (tin) instructions


Âges : 8+
Joueurs : 3 to 6
Type de jeu:

  • Brainy
  • Counting
  • Educational
  • Family
  • Kids
  • Speed
  • Tile
  • Travel
  • Word


  • Available Canada
  • Available North America
  • Available International

Numéro d'article : 11010
CUP : 625012110105
Dimensions de l'article (po) : 6.25 x 3 x 6.25
Poids de l'article (lb) : .70
Origine : China


Pack de caisse : 6
Dimensions de la caisse (po) : 10 x 13.25 x 7
Poids de la caisse (lb) : 4.9

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