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Distributeur grossiste de jeux, puzzles, jouets, bricolages et bons moments !
Distributeur grossiste de jeux, puzzles, jouets, bricolages et bons moments !

CA Card Kit: Winter Donkeys

UGC CA-60566

Entreprise : Craft Buddy

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Winter Donkey card kit, a heartwarming scene straight out of a snowy countryside retreat. Surrounding the barn, Christmas decorations abound, from rustic garlands draped over the doorway to twinkling lights adorning the tree. A cheerful little bird perches on the post, its feathers fluffed against the chilly breeze.

With our Winter Donkeys card kit, you can share the magic of this idyllic scene with loved ones near and far, spreading holiday cheer and warmth with every heartfelt greeting.

Suitable for ages 8+. Approximately 60 to 90 minutes assembly time. Card size is 7" x 7" with blank message inside. Partial crystal.

Each Crystal Art Card Kit includes:

Coded adhesive design template
Double-sided crystal pick-up pen
Jelly wax
Coded pre-sorted crystal packets
Grooved crystal tray
Ziplock bags, Instructions

Âges : Ages 8+
Type d'artisanat :

  • Crystal Art Card Kit
  • Jeweling


  • Available Canada
  • Available USA

Numéro d'article : CA-60566
EAN : 5056588605668
Dimensions de l'article : 7.875 x .125 x 10
Poids de l'article : 0.22
Origine : China


Pack de caisse : 5* pre-packs (case 20)
Dimensions de la caisse (po) : 16 x 8.75 x 6.75
Poids de la caisse (lb) : 6.4

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