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Wholesale distributor of games, puzzles, toys, crafts, and good times!
Wholesale distributor of games, puzzles, toys, crafts, and good times!


MindWare manufactures and distributes educational toys for kids and learning toys for kids that engage and entertain.  Outset Media is proud to be the Canadian Distributor for MindWare. 

MindWare is on a mission to provide brainy toys for all ages.  The products range from games and puzzles to brain teasers and fun educational workbooks.  Qwirkle is one of their best selling games, which won a Spiel des Jahres award, one of the highest accolades in the Toy & Game Industry!  And it was tweeted as, 'a really fun tabletop game' by Wil Wheaton, who plays Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  MindWare continues to introduce other products in the Qwirkle family including, Qwirkle Cubes and Qwirkle Travel. 

MindWare's fun party game, PicWits!, has been awarded with a Major Fun Award, Parent's Choice Fun Stuff Award, Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award, and a Teachers' Choice Award.  This easy to play, hilarious game, has players matching the PicWits photo card to the judge's caption card. MindWare has a great motto, "Wisdom begins in wonder."

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After school activities!

Crafting of all kinds!

Page 70-77.

NEW! Dig it Up: The Big Egg Dragons

Ages 4+ | Page 82

Activity Books!

Expand their minds with activity books of all kinds. Page 84-90.

Imagination Poppers

NEW! Sensory toy. Page 50.

MindWare Sparkle Formations: Crystal Dinosaurs

Check out the Crystal Dinosaurs kit from the Sparkle Formations collection. To see all the kits, please visit the MindWare catalogue, page 77.

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